Saturday, October 12, 2013

9/30/2013: Carne de Caza e télé novella

I realized there is quite a language barrier right now as my mãe and I try and try to communicate. Today, the language barrier really showed. We had been told time and time again to not eat carne de caza—bush meat. I just assumed that it wouldn’t show up on the table. As I took my first bite of dinner, I said “qué?” “Carne de caza” “Oh não gusto. Corpo de Paz disse não carne de caza” “qué?” “Não carne de caza para me” “uhhhhh” – oh boy. Good thing it doesn’t even taste good! At least I got to finish my night with some quality télé novella.
Portuguese class starts tomorrow – yay! Hopefully this helps my language barrier. For now – the classic excuse for any volunteer will have to do… “Corpo de Paz…”

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