Saturday, October 12, 2013

9/29/2013: Galinha

After our language test I had so many new experiences.
I have now had a galinha totally dissembled in front of me. I’ll let you guess what that is before I tell you.
My irmã, irmão, and I danced to “I Feel Like A Woman”. LOL! And my mãe and tia flipped through my entire picture book to meet my familia and amiagas at home.
I had markers for teaching, but I saw that Nina and Betou draw a lot but only had pens, so I have officially lost my makers – their eyes lit up brighter than the moon.
Nina discovered my camera, so Nina and Betou have been exploring.
Okay, I only hope I don’t have to eat the head of the galinha.

To Jordan’s “What is Love” post...

: big brothers around the world know true love. I gave Betou 5 goldfish and I have Nina 5 goldfish. He fed her 2 of his because she wanted a couple more but I had none.

Update on the last hour – I most definitely ate the head of the galinha. I think my mãe KNEW its strange for Americans because she was LAUGHING. But I ate it and PS. There is nothing like walking in the cold rain to take a cold bath.

Mark, Erin, Sara, Nick, and I went on an adventure to get to know Namaacha and the market and I came home to a study sheet from my mãe for my Portuguese. Pouco a pouco she keeps saying. At least I know she’ll help me study!

Now I’ll tell you. Galinha is chicken.

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