Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26/2014: Home again, home again jiggity jig

It is with a heavy but relieved heart I share that I have resigned from my service and will begin the process home on December 8.
After months of conversations, debates, meetings, and heartache and additional recent personal struggles I came to the conclusion that I could not continue and be the best volunteer I could be.
Experiences I had during my year changed me, and that is bound to happen, but I was noticing they changed me for the worst, I stopped being the person I used to be and not in a great way. I used to be a person who went above and beyond and loved to be outside interacting with people...something I've hated to do for a while now. And I felt my village deserves someone who will give them 100%.
It is a heartbreaking decision. I love Mozambique and my various surrogate families. And I have been lucky to have 2 great villages of service. Maybe one day I'll be able to return for new service. But until then...Ja tenho saudades for my friends, my kids, and my villages.
I have learned the hard way this job is impossible if you don't absolutely love it and I will continue to cheer for the friends still serving.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/22/2014: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

 Hello all, it’s been ages. I’m sorry. There have been a lot of changes. As many already know, I was moved to a new site in Mozambique, and that is where this post is coming from.

It certainly wasn’t easy. For all of the challenges I faced in my old site, it had become home. I made many friends and loved my students there. It was a teary good bye to say the least and my heart is still touched whenever one of my kids sends me a message.

So here I am in my new “home” getting ready to settle in for the school holidays. There were some complications and confusions along the way but we think we have finally gotten everything settled and I know my school and have started to make friends!

My new site is not quite like my old site, but hopefully it will evolve in time.

We will see what the next chapters bring. I should have more ideas come next week, which fills me with relief and excitement. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt this way.

This country is full of beautiful sights

My new reading group 
Some of my old girls

My old school director

Miss these guys!