Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/6/2013: It's Happening

It’s been a busy few days. Yesterday we took a class field trip Maputo. I have to tell you, it is very overwhelming to be in a crowded city when you don’t speak the language. I was very happy to get home and try some Cider (turns out I like Cider when it’s made in Africa…) and relax in quiet Naamascha.
To unwind and get some exercise (let me tell you, a girl can only eat so much bread and rice before really needing to get out and do something about it), we hiked out to some waterfalls. Naturally, it is the dry season and none of us considered that they would in fact not be exciting, but we gave it a try. It was still gorgeous, and just absolutely refreshing to EXERCISE.
That isn’t the big news though, I don’t think.
I had a two-hour conversation with my Mae in PORTUGUESE. It’s happening. Very slowly but surely I am learning some Portuguese. It helps that my Mae has officially banned English from our house so I can learn it faster and will sit for 2 hours to have a 20-minute conversation while I act out verbs to learn and speak slowly.
Pouco a pouco. 


  1. Jessie!!! I miss you! I'm so excited that you're having an amazing time... I wish I could be there with you! Right now I am working on school and college apps :P (and SCA apps of course!) so my life isn't nearly as exciting as yours. Please keep blogging... it's so inspiring. It's helping me get through the year knowing that one day maybe I can join the Peace Corps too.
    (This is actually Erica from SCA, not "Heather" by the way.... I made my google account name Heather when I first made it because I was afraid of internet predators)

    1. Erica, I'm SO HAPPY to hear from you! And I'm so happy you're working on SCA apps :) :) :) Please let me know if you need any recommendations. I have not wonderful access to internet but can definitely get a rec out for you!!!!!
      Good luck with your college apps darling! <3