Saturday, October 12, 2013

9/28/2013: Corpo De Paz, We Made It!

We have made it to our training village! I think yesterday, upon arrival, it did finally hit that I’m living in Africa for the next 2 years. Arrival was quite a treat. It was a beautiful drive and our families were all awaiting our bus, even though we could barely communicate, the excitement was evident.
My mãe, irmão, and irmã are so sweet. My irmão Beatou is 11 and Nina, my irmã, is 4. Spending the afternoon of my arrival with them gave me comfort in knowing that kids are the same worldwide. Adorable. And from the start, my mãe was set on teaching me Portuguese.
My first real Mozambique night was much better than anticipated. I had hot water and everything, and it was cold enough to buddle in my sweats to sleep—my favorite when I’m not sure of what’s going on. I still feel a little lost and confused, but I can only imagine it gets easier and I’ll start understanding as my Portuguese improves.
Pouco a pouco I’ll get there, I’ll know I’ve reached my goal when I’m not only teaching in Portuguese, but blogging in Portuguese.
Side note—let me tell you, you haven’t listened to country music until you’ve danced with your mãe to Taylor Swift dubbed in Portuguese followed by “Tell Me the Meaning of Being Lonely”.

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