Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/2/2013: I Officially Live Here

For our afternoon class, we experienced “Shop Right.” In Maputo, Shop Right is like a Giant or a Safeway. In Namaacha…”Shop Right” is an open air giant market that only exists on Wednesdays and Satrudays. It is crowded and hot, but it was great to see everyone and see the market. I got 2 capulanas—BEAUTIFUL fabrics used for EVERYTHING – clothes, rugs, drapes, towels, whatever.
That’s 1 reason I live here now.
Reason 2:
Chapa ride. Chapas are basically crowded van taxis. I thought rickshaws in India were nerve wracking…oh no. But the experience was hilarious and I now officially feel like I live in Moçambique.
I bought fresh, warm pâo…I’m addicted…and played with so many babies today. THE BEST. We even learned a secret handshake from some random kids on the street in the barro. Simple days don’t get better.
I’ve also never been so clean in my life. THREE BATHS A DAY! Cleanliness is muito importanté. 

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