Thursday, November 14, 2013

Side note: My biggest pet peeve (I think...)

Throughout my education, I constantly heard people complain about having to go to school or having to study or having to do homework or get tutoring...these complaints always rubbed me the wrong way, even though I too sometimes fell victim to a whine or too.
But my friend shared an article that just re-rooted in my mind WHY I like to teach, WHY I joined the education project for Peace Corps, and mostly WHY it has always bothered me to hear people in the states complain about school.
We just don't know how good we have it, I was always somehow aware that I was lucky, but now, I not just "somehow aware of my luck," but it has been hit on my head with a sledge hammer that I was BLESSED for my education. Sure I worked hard, but I grew up in a place where it was my responsibility and my right to study hard and it was expected that I follow my dream, which happened to be university, and I was supported. And I can almost guarantee anyone who feels they are not supported...compared to what we face as teachers here dealing with students (especially female students)...YOU ARE SUPPORTED! Take advantage of the possibilities and the opportunities and love every second of it, but then take what you have reaped from your blessings and share it! Empower others and just go. Just by existing as a young adult who worked hard and got a college degree--regardless of age or gender--you can empower a youth in a developing nation who has been taught to believe university is irrelevant who has never been taught how to dream.

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