Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/9/2013: The Importance of Friends

Obviously we all know friends are important, that’s not a secret in life. But let me tell you the importance I have discovered about the yahoos in my daily life here in Africa. Without them, I would be lost. It all started in a language group (and the fact that we just don’t live near anyone else) but seriously, I have never laughed so hard or so often in my life. The most simple, mundane tasks like walking to the gas station for a snack or sitting in a boring lecture hall, become hilarious with these people. In everyday life, these kinds of friends are nice to have. Here, these kinds of friends are a treasure. There are constant stresses with training and living somewhere completely different and language…and just so much going on beyond explanation. And honestly, I have finally discovered the truth behind the expression laughter is the best medicine. I know it certainly makes all the difference in the world to me here, and some how the most insane and crazy group of people keeps me the sanest.  I think we are all individually learning how important friends are going to be as a support group during the next few years. It seems like an obvious truth but I never fully understood it until recently. Here’s to great friends here and in America keeping each other going everyday.

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