Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/14/2013: Karama + Site Placements

Today was the big day we have all been waiting for this week. At the end of the day, our site placements were finally announced!

I get to stay in the southern region, and I am absolutely elated! I will be teaching at a mission school, which here is code for chique! Usually class sizes are 30-40 instead of 80-100 and often times they have desks and chalkboards! …Hey, this is Africa, it’s the simple things! Apparently my house is going to super chique as well—it has running water and electricity and easy access to transportation, plus we’ll be living on the same grounds as the nuns—that certainly adds a sense of security for me.

“Why the ‘karma’ Jessie? This sounds great.”

I mean, it is an excellent set up and I’m super excited for the upcoming experience. However, I will be teaching CHEMISTRY. Whoop, there it is. The karma. Anyone who has spent an ounce of time with me since 10th grade, especially in college, is acutely aware that I avoided anything involving chemistry, even ignoring advice from my advisor to take a least a couple courses in the subject. Então here I am, of course about to teach it IN PORTUGUESE. Corpo da Paz is for the flexible however, and I had said that I would teach Chemistry because I would rather stick to the sciences than be forced to venture into *gasp* MATH…that would just be horrible.

So in about 3 weeks, I will meet my new roommate and move into a new house, not to far from where I am now, and start the next chapter of my adventure teaching

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