Thursday, September 26, 2013

The toilets still scare me...

Who knew flying could be so fun?? It all started when I was dropped in Philly and thrown into a room of 50 other teachers roughly my age for a series of ice breakers, rules and policies, and literally LIFE don't step on a land mine. I can honestly say I arrived with one fear...ONE fear, leaving my friends while they move on and I live in Africa. Well, so much for only one fear. But after 24 hours, I feel comforted knowing I am not at all alone, I now have quite a few amazing new friends with whom to share the ups and downs for the next 2 years.
After our 7 hour orientation into the Peace Corps (I promise it was much more fun than it sounds) we managed to literally spend our last 7 hours -- mmm we left at 2 am -- bonding, eating out last favorite American goodies, drinking our last favorite brews and taking a few seconds to be irresponsible and play Cards Against Humanity.
Promptly at 2 we loaded our bags of clothes, teaching supplies, cookie supplies, and 2 years worth of toiletries onto buses to JFK airport, only to arrive about 2 hours before the check-in opened. (God there are a lot of 2s in that paragraph, I apologize.) AFter finding a place to unwind and befriending lovely bartender who alternated music from Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bon Jovi while we enjoyed our last American treats, we finally boarded a giant South African jet heading to Johannesburg, South Africa.Complimentary drinks, movies, free meals, and new friends seat hopping...absolutely fantastic. Alright, in the middle of the flight I woke up and honest to God thought I was on my college flight to India. but suddenly I remember I am NOT in college, I'm instead moving to Africa to teach science with my college degree.
Needless to say, I still hate to fly, I'm still scared to flush an airline toilet, and I'm still a little unsure what I've gotten myself into but I now know I am not at all alone in my fears and there are just absolutely amazing people and I've alrready made so many friends.
Don't worry. I still miss: My brothers!, my parents, my adorable baby Porter Dog -- the trouble maker he is, my friends at home, CRABS (good thing I packed Old Bay), and Evo beer

JFK at way too early in the morning

Stretch break! I still feel bad for all of the other passengers

Landing in Africa :)

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