Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Palooza in New England

I hung up my tomboy outdoorsy pants for a bit to road trip up to Maine for my gorgeous cousin's wedding. It all starts with a relaxing, site seeing, wine tasting drive up the coast...and excellent way to reward myself after a summer of working and not showering.
Mystic Connecticut 

John Edwards Winery
Once up in Maine, vacation was on pause for me. I spent my time supporting my cousin, helping her, and being blessed to be included in her big day. Dinners, hair appointments, and wedding set up was the name of the game, and I enjoyed every second of it...especially when I saw her grin as she came up to the ceremony on Saturday. Marilyn looked absolutely stunning and I want to humbly say she had a very beautiful set of bridesmaids that rocked our royal purple dresses. Our work of a year came to a wrap on Sunday morning and Marilyn has remained as unbridezilla as a girl can be through the whole thing...signs of a true down to earth girl. And now, being the dork I am, I LOVE being able to text her messages that include sentences with "your husband" in them.  It still makes me so excited

Rehearsal supper with the beautiful girl

Our dresses 
All of Marilyn's female cousins

Their first dance :)
The wonderful bridal party! 

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