Monday, August 17, 2015

Peace Corps Pets

My little girl Katniss (yes...she's a cat...) had to be left behind in Xinavane when I came home. I've been in communication with a company that will ship her. It costs about $2,000 to import a cat from South Africa. It's a lot of money so I started a GoFundMe.

Some say "why not adopt a cat here?" Peace Corps pets are special. Not that there aren't animals here in need of a loving home. But Peace Corps pets have been through the biggest adventure with us. Katniss was by my side on the days I wanted to give up, she gave me a reason to keep trying. She offered comfort on the days I missed home. She gave me entertainment and joy. I rescued her at 3 weeks old from a trash pile and offered her a life she would have otherwise never known. But she also offered me an experience I would have never imagined. My heart aches for her and I want to see her again.

I am sharing my GoFundMe here please share it

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