Saturday, December 7, 2013

12/7/2013: Honey, I’m Home

I am writing this new post from my new beautiful casa. Yesterday was moving day and I’ve finally settled in to Mozambique and no longer need to live out of a suitcase! …for the first time in 10 months. Minus the question late at night of “um…what am I doing??” my site is absolutely amazing.
We live within the compound where the nuns live, which is probably the safest place in the neighborhood I could possibly live, and it doesn’t hurt that they are amazing. The nuns are absolutely the sweetest, kindest, most laid back and they are really excited to have us here! Our house itself is just adorable. We have a little kitchen area in side of a screened in porch and then we each have our own rooms with our own bathrooms. And even though Peace Corps called this site new, pretty much all we’ve had to buy is a stove and a fridge (plus what ever little things we want in our rooms). I actually get to set up shelves in a bathroom and put my clothes in a dresser! The nuns have a garden that we can use full of avocados, mangos, lychee, papaya, and all kinds of veggies. It is likely the greatest set up possible.
We live close to the market and to our school, such a perfect location. I visited the school yesterday and it is beautiful. After talking to my coworkers I think it’s going to be a great year! Then we walked around the market, where we can get just about anything we need, but then of course there are a couple of cities near by in case.

Now I am home and unpacked, minus a few other things for my room. And so begins my 2 years.

My room

Getting ready for Christmas as best as I can

I decorated our front door too :)

Our porch

Our kitchen


The nuns' house

Our ducks and chickens

Our farm

Avocados are coming!

Our house again

The gazebo hang out area thing

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